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Mankind is a vast ocean, which delving into his entire existential dimensions through any means other than a wisdom belonging to a higher realm of spirituality is deemed to be impossible. Human is a type of creature that has always been dependent on a truth beyond the earthly being that surrounds him and has, through all means possible, believed in it, even though this belief has manifested itself in different ways.

He has always contemplated that the earth- ly and material being, which is the cradle of his life, is somehow linked to a higher world: in the East, the material world of existence has never been perceived as an independent and separate reality from the higher realm of spirituality, and the concept of Matter has never been detached from the vision of its connection to ‹Nafs Al-Rahman1›.

is notion is remarkably deep and human beings’ lives particularly in the East, have been processed, analyzed and transcended to philosophical and Gnostic spiritual ideas, in different forms. East has been indeed home to the emergence and the cradle of nourishment to great Divine religions, and the roots of self- realization and spiritually have always been strengthened and spread in this region.

Among-st all, Iran has possessed an out- standing thousands-year-old profound, insightful and incessant intellectual tradition particularly after Islam. In our culture, knowledge [science] has never been separate from religion, philosophy and Erfan (Gnosticism); in a way that this unity in their views is merged with scientific view along with Monotheism which have been attained for centuries, using the tremendous sources of culture, civilization, religion, philosophy and the highly rich Erfan of this land. e crucial point is how to make this intellectual tradition comprehensibly available for everyone; seeing that having access to this notion and its theoretical and practical knowledge sources, for human beings who are submerged in materialism, is vital nowadays.

According to the methodology of scientists of our tradition, the material world of existence is like a ladder for ascending to the realms of rationalities as well as metaphysics. is notion believes that a unity reigns over the world that from existential aspect; has degrees and ranks which includes various physical and spiritual realms, and has a position in answering man›s worldly as well as spiritual needs in practice. It also indicates that the material world of existence always displays a manifestation of the splendor of the higher realm of spirituality; which is beyond transformation [in comparison with the material world that is always in change and move] and exploration. is out- look has been also prevalent in all types of science including medicine, and traditionally our medical practitioners all had owned broad and wise philosophical, spiritual and aesthetic insights.

Today the West is confronting a severe crisis as a result of eschewing this notion and leaving it in oblivion, and despite developments in biological sciences and medicine, is entangled in a kind of intellectual impasse. For instance, for western biologists, once Darwin’s book used to be a holy script and an unquestionable truth, whereas today, it is subject to scepticism and uncertainty. Without a doubt, this change of view in the West, is dramatically deep and critical, and in addition, will be followed by another crisis in the practical aspect.

In medical science -as a clear example of experimental sciences which has theoretical and practical aspects; human is turned into an object which is almost equal to mere chemical elements that their reaction to medication has to be observed in a laboratory, instead of considering the unity of diverse dimensions of human being including body and soul, and considering ‹disease› as an event which is the direct result of lack of stability in an organization which all its existential elements and foundations are not necessarily physical. Consequently consumption of medicine has turned into a medical and economic problem and numerous other obstacles which made western doctors develop a doubtful look towards medical science.

Recently, western scientists have extremely criticized some aspects of the classic modern medicine and the famous book “Medical Nemesis” by Ivan Illich is the most outstanding and illustrative of all. is new movement was at least successful in reducing the monopoly of the conventional medicine to some extent, so that the investigation and analysis of other medical treatment doctrines, experiences and theories have become possible with a rational and realistic view and away from any prejudice. at is why Para-Medicine (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) is being seriously pursued and supported by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Nevertheless, considering the fact Iran has been noted as one of the most important medical centers of the world in past eras and has also nurtured the greatest medical doctrines such as Islamic medicine, we hope in this era it would be able to proudly introduce a brand new treatment method to the world.

Exactly at the time that the West is vying to dispose of the impasses of the classic medicine, a ground-breaking and unique treatment method called “Faradarmani” has been founded in Iran, which is also completely based on experiment and rational arguments, and is intended to be introduced to the scientific and medical communities of the world. Faradarmani lies upon the unity and connection between different existential aspects/dimensions of human including body, psyche and Zehn (mind), additionally, it has transcended the treatment phenomena in to a reality which aims to recognize the consciousness encompassing the universe and the perception of His presence, which is in fact, benefiting from the Divine Communal Mercy.

Holy Quran explains the concept and the truth of the Divine Communal Mercy in Al- Araf Verse 156:

«And ordain for us that which is good, in this life and in the Hereafter: for we have turned unto Thee.» He said: «With My punishment I visit whom I will; but My mercy extendeth to all things…» (from Abdullah Yusuf Ali translation of Quran)

The great scholar, Allamah Tabatabai, explains this verse as: «From His part (God) nothing comes, but Mercy, for His Mercy is a Godly characteristic and necessitates His Divinity, whereas torment derives from the wrong deed of sinners, and its source is human’s transgressions, nevertheless, it will take place in accordance with His Godly wisdom and laws. However his vast and Communal Mercy which embraces every thing, springs from His Divine essence and is not depend on anything but His Divine essence.”

Thus God’s Mercy encompasses everything and in fact if such Mercy did not exist, the universe would not exist. God’s Mercy is the source of our being, thus every aspect of our life is inseparably intertwined with it and that is why the warp and weft of humans and other creatures are woven by Mercy, and “Faradarmani” is nothing but benefiting from the Divine Mercy and it is the responsibility of the Faratherapist practitioner to manifest that mercy.

In our experience, this method of treatment is highly effective; the contents of the current journal and the three previous volumes are evidence as tip of the iceberg.

Faradarmani has succeeded in providing evidence for its rational and experimental bases, relying on the lucidity of Divine Communal Mercy upon all creatures including mankind, as it considers human as a connected entity to this in nite ocean of Mercy. Faradarmani has been able to bene t from this Mercy [in practice] and to attain successful experiences in a repeatable manner and also to expand this method; considering logical methodical comprehension in all current methodologies in science serves as a proof.

Accordingly, one of the prepared and accomplished proposals using the method of “Randomized Controlled Trial” (RCT) is the “Study of Faradarmani Effects on Bronchiectasis Patients Who Are Candidates for Lung Transplantation”, which aims to provide evidence on effectiveness of Faradarmani treatment to medical communities, and the reports have been presented to you in this issue.

With the help of God›s Mercy which has always accompanied us in our every e ort, we continue our investigations, and in order to accomplish this heavy and crucial responsibility, we demand all our colleagues’ scientific and practical assistance.

Among our first collaborators was the Research and Investigation Unit of “Masih Daneshvari” Hospital; hardworking and broadminded doctors such as Dr Katayoun Najafzadeh and her colleagues provided the opportunity for research on this proposal which is immensely honored and appreciated.

Also a number of dear colleagues helped us in this study, including Ms Sonia Zargari the respectable head nurse of the clinic and a caring and hardworking Faratherapist, Dr. Fariba Ghorbani, Dr. Shadi Shafaghi, Dr. Hamid Reza Khoddami Vishteh, Ms. Elham Rahmani, Ms Masoumeh Masoudnia and other colleagues in Masih Daneshvari Hospital, whose e orts we highly appreciate and are grateful for. We sincerely thank Dr. Maryam Asadi (Faratherapist) and Ms Sayeh Zargari, who actively accompanied us throughout the whole period of research, and finally Mr Ar- deshir Shahnavaz and Ms Zahra Abbasi who helped us with their constant efforts. Some patients who participated in this research are introduced as case examples in this issue. Dr. Vida Pirzadeh Supervisor of Faradarmani Medical Re- search Group

Bronchiectasis is abnormal rigidity of lung bronchi which is associated with permanent in ammation and destruction of elastic tissues and muscular layers of the bron- chial walls. Consequently, breathing gradually becomes extremely di cult. Typical symp- toms include shortness of breath, persistent or recurrent cough, purulent odorous sputum, abnormal chest sounds, fatigue and possibly presence of blood in sputum. In classic conventional medicine there is no de nite cure for Bronchiectasis and the nal solution for pa- tients is lung transplantation. is disorder is usually caused by severe chronic infections and is more common in middle and old ages, how- ever it happens in younger patients when there are congenital defects. In summary Bronchiectasis can be caused by:

a) Severe infections caused by microorganisms activities

b) Congenital defects ‘Faradarmani’ positively affects this disease through di erent ways as follows;

A) Positive impact on body’s immune system in cases of infection

A-1) Immune system invigoration through correcting patient’s mental and psychological system arrangements

Experience has shown that ‘Faradarmani’ increases the immune system strength which explains why infectious diseases respond well to ‘Faradarmani’ intervention and are cured within shorter time.

From ‘Faradarmani’ point of view, the body’s immune system weakens whenever Zehn’s1

۱٫ Zehn is also called Mental body. In Faradarmani, it is believed that the “body and cell management” which is a part of the “Mental Body”, directs and delegates du- ties to the cells, and even controls brain function and its cells. Where is this manager of the body and is it a part of the brain or is it located somewhere else? is manager is not a part of the brain, as brain itself, only conveys orders and assigns duties to the neurons. In fact the management and control of hundred trillions of cells of which neurons are a part, is somewhere else. e anatomy of this part consists of hundred trillions of invisible branches which lead to each and every cell and thus relay their duties. e mental body itself consists of several subdivisions which in turn can be considered as separate bodies such as:

– Memory and archive of the everlasting data
– Memory management
– Management of data assembly (creation of thought)

(mental) energy is being wasted, for example when one is entrapped in a mental chaos, agitation, or is struggling with confusion and uncertainty, the body’s immunity weakens drastically and in such situations the functional integrity of the immune system is disrupted and the chances of occurrence of infectious diseases comparatively increase.

‘Faradarmani’ through correcting the organization of ‘Zehn’, impacts the ‘Zehn’(mind) management which in turn is responsible for body and cellular management; thus will enhance the feeling of well-being both mentally and emotionally, and increases hope which leads to improvement in patient’s mental situation without a need for having counseling and discussion, thus brings the immune system to its desirable status.

These are the main contributing factors in wasting Zehn’s (mental) energy:

Over-involvement of this management in issues which are totally irrelevant to the individual and have no impact on their life, for instance making unnecessary judgments.

The individual’s Zehn (mind) getting into conflict regarding the unity of the world of existence and seeing the world as separate parts instead of a whole, , dividing it and creating discrimination and multiplicity which will lead to a higher consumption of Zehn’s energy.

Furthermore, from ‘Faradarmani’ point of view, the functioning of the body’s immune system has direct relation with one’s psycho- logical state, and its capacity is severely undermined under the conditions of being in ‘Negative Phase’, that is having negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, distress, hopelessness, grief, and alike. Majority of patients are stricken by diseases after they go through a shock of ‘Negative Phase’. Physicians have also realized through experience that those patients who are in higher spirits respond better to the treatment and recover faster in comparison with those whose spirits are low. Most of patients who have lost their hope and got depressed upon being informed that there is no de nite cure for their disease and it can only be at best controlled for a limited time, are hardly open to any kind of advice; there- fore it is not feasible for the ‘Fara-therapist’ to help them improve their spirits through talking or counseling. Hence in order to achieve such results, an inner transformation should take place, something that is not achievable by counseling or giving advice. rough accessing various software in Zehn (mind) and psyche, and without the use of counseling or advising, ‘Faradarmani’ is capable of bringing about positive changes in the software-based structures of patients and as a result boosts the state of well being. A common report received from patients who underwent ‘Faradarmani’, is the feeling of well-being and having good spirits. Being in such state is partly related to the inner arrangement of the ‘Psychological Body’ in which ‘Faradarmani’ brings about its optimum arrangement.

e ‘Psychological Body’ is one of the important bodies of human being that detects, examines and reveals one’s passions and emotions. It considers the subjects related to the ‘Step of Eshq’۲ and sends the relevant messages to the brain and the brain causes the necessary electro-chemical reactions to manifest and finally appear on Physical body. For example when confronted with a frightening scene, first the scene passes through a filter (the perception filter in Mental Body) where its intensity is analyzed and determined. That’s why an incident that causes fear in one person might not cause the same reaction in another. For example, one woman might faint upon seeing a mouse whereas another woman might react normally.

Nevertheless after analyzing the external events, the brain reacts and by sending chemical messages makes our physical body react in accordance.

is means that in confrontation with an external frightening event, first we become frightened and then chemical secretion (in this case Adrenaline) puts our body on the alert mode and thus the relevant signs appear on our face and body. Depending on how we are affected by external events (for instance if we are deeply affected), this message is sent to the brain which in turn secrets the associated chemicals that the symptoms of depression, for example, are revealed. e Psychological Body as shown in Figure 3 is composed of two sections, positive and negative, with the following characteristics:

The positive section discovers and perceives our positive emotions and is in charge of the absorption and emission of the positive radiations. is means that upon occurrence of positive emotions, the brain produces relevant favorable chemical messages and the positive section of the psyche emits positive radiation, and also absorbs positive radiation if being ex- posed to them. is state when one is using the positive section of their psyche, is referred to as ‘being in the Positive Phase’ whereby one can only send and receive positive radiation.

The negative section discovers negative feelings such as anger, revenge, hatred, meanness, jealousy and reveals them. Negative feel- ings make the brain produce the relevant response which upon execution on body leads to the generation of toxins. In addition, the negative section of our psyche creates negative radiation in which we expose others and ourselves to; in this case we are then in the ‘Negative Phase’.

At any given time, one can only use one of the sections of the psyche; the positive or the negative. us one is either in the negative phase (where the positive section is blocked and only negative section is open) or in the positive phase (where the negative section is blocked and only positive section is open). It exactly simulates a hypothetical valve that can be opened only to one exit at a time and when a section is obstructed there cannot be any ex- change of the relevant radiations.

Our thoughts, deeds and behavior hold and emit radiation accordingly. For example when we look at someone with affection, the person is exposed to positive radiation, where- as if someone is treated with anger and rage, he or she is exposed to negative radiation and as we will discuss , the person can be harmed. The influence of the positive and negative radiations is to the extent that the received radiations can affect the life expectancy of the individual (life span). The positive and negative radiations are not a function of space dimension, and distance, for example being far or close, has no effect on their intensity and strength.

While we are in the positive phase, if a negative radiation is directed towards us it will not be able to penetrate as the valve to our negative psyche is blocked. However, if we are in the negative phase this radiation can well affect us. e reverse holds true as well; if a positive radiation is coming on our way while we are in the negative phase, it cannot be absorbed as the valve to our positive psyche is blocked and we will be deprived of its benefits. Therefore, one must remain in positive phase as far as possible to prevent being affected by negative radiations.

Other software-based sections of man’s Psychological Body include:

– The section that determines man’s life span which is called ‘Life Span Coefficient’. e more one receives or emits positive radiation, the higher is this coefficient and the longer he may live. Accordingly Jesus Christ [Peace be upon him] has recommended to love even our enemies, because the harm one may experience when he or she is in negative phase is much greater than what one can imagine.

– The section that examines the positive and negative energies one receives, and under each emotional circumstance it is always exposed to a type of energy that can be absorbed or lost. For example when we are praised we receive energy so that our feelings of fatigue or even hunger or sleepiness may diminish. On the contrary, when we are criticized or blamed we lose energy and feel weak so that we may fail to move. is forms the underlying basis of the ‘Psychological Warfare’ through which it is attempted to convince the enemy forces, by the use of some false information, that they do not have the necessary strength to fight the war. As a result their resistance and military capabilities will be undermined by damaging their national and militaristic pride.

– The section which measures our level of satisfaction and dissatisfaction, thus accordingly absorbs or looses energy. For example, after buying a second-hand car if we are told that it is not worth the price, we will be drained of energy and might even get fever and become ill, but on the contrary if someone else tells us that we have made a real bargain we might get excited and not even feel tired and stay awake all night.

– ‘Self- assessment’ is done by means of an- other section; feeling popular and respected plays an important role in this case.

– Other important section evaluates our feelings of guilt or good-deed and then scores and rewards accordingly. is is followed by absorbing or loosing energy and when energy is lost, our immune system weakens and we are more susceptible to diseases.

– The section which examines our needs and desires; when they are not fulfilled we lose energy, and vice versa.

– ‘Being Idealistic’ is measured by another section which contributes to gain or loss of energy. In a football match, for example, the fans of the team that has won receive a lot of energy, whereas the supporters of the team which has lost, lose energy and cannot even talk and feel exhausted and depressed. (Taking in to consideration that fans of both groups more or less were in similar state of spirit be- fore the match.) In fact, reaching our ideal goals, itself, generates such energy that we totally forget the fatigue and struggle we went through. Otherwise, the feeling of tiredness multiplies and that is why doing the same task over again consumes more energy and leads to fatigue.

e overall gained and lost energies are evaluated by a chief software, which ultimately determines the ‘Coefficient of Life Span’ or the ‘Coefficient of Cellular Fatigue’. e more positive energy received, the greater the coefficient and the longevity. On the contrary, more negative energy decreases life span. Therefore maintaining a positive phase has a great impact on our health.

The Life Span Coefficient

As illustrated in Figure 3, the shaded section starts with minimum coverage in Negative Section and grows as it stretches into the Positive Section; the illustrated section is referred to as Life Span Coefficient. It shows how our life span increases as we use more of the positive section and how it is reduced when the negative section is more in use. at is to say that being in the positive section is an important factor in increasing longevity.

The Body’s Immune Systems at the Times of Negative Emotional Involvement of the Psychological Body

Generally, when one is in Negative Phase, the brain produces poisonous chemicals, and in such situations the body’s immune systems are weakened, as the integration of the Body and Cell’s Management is disrupted and the mental energy is wasted immensely. Evidence show that the majority of people who experience extreme Negative phase’s emotions, be- come ill and even have heart attack.

‘Faradarmani’ causes a shift from negative phase to positive phase; thus creates feelings of peace and separation from negative emotions, consequently the body’s immune system reaches its optimum condition, and finally cure will occur in the shortest possible time.

A-2) Causing microorganisms to become synchronized in human body’s ‘Consciousness Field’ in order to eliminate their resistance and sabotage, and to achieve peaceful cohabitation ( see ‘Consciousness Immunity’ – ۳rd Faradarmani Special Issue)

In a “Consciousness field” the behavior of a [pathogen] microorganism is dependent on the common “Consciousness eld” in between the microorganism and its carrier. is behavior is not necessarily in accordance with the known behavior of the microorganism, there- fore some people are carriers of the microorganism but they don’t become ill. For instance there are people who are carriers of HIV virus but they don’t have AIDS, although they can infect others. Or for example people who are carriers of Tuberculosis however they are not affected by it.

The same applies to people who keep animals in their living environments very close to them in a way that their contamination is al- most certain, but they never catch the diseases caused by taking care of those animals. Also this applies to the doctors and members of the hospital health care services which are in direct contact with patients in the contagious infectious wards.

B) Treatment of Congenital Disorders

According to ‘Faradarmani’ theories and several years of numerous experiments, ‘Faradarmani’ through accessing the software- based information of the cells and organs, is capable of correcting the congenital disorders and bringing the affected organ to the normal status. One of the theories that is widely used in ‘Faradarmani’ is the ‘ Theory of Defying the Role of the Genes in In-curability’. Accordingly; the type of the disease and the fact that a disease is genetic -based do not affect its cure and is of no importance.

One of the mechanisms of Faradarmani is providing possibilities for penetrating, access- ing and activating the di erent information levels within a cell. For instance, since common treatment methods are unable to pass through the gene’s program, the gene’s software program remains dominant and prevents the cure. Therefore, if we can pass through the gene’s software, this barrier also will be broken. In Faradarmani the gene barrier is not considered as an obstacle and the fact that a disease is genetic based, does not affect its cure. In fact, through penetrating the cell’s information programmes we can access programmes which make any repair and correction possible. Furthermore, through ‘Rep arability Function of Faradarmani’, once the genetic disor- der is corrected, the affected part will be also repaired.

One of the important theories in Faradarmani is the “repair ability and correction ability of different parts of human existence”. According to this theory, every component of human existence has repair-ability. In Faradarmani this important phenomenon accomplishes through certain general ways as described below:

Repair Ability and Correction Ability

According to the following categorization, the phenomenon of cell and organ repair and correction takes place in different ways:

a) Repair and correction of cells and organs:

– Histological (tissue repair)

– Functional: Correction of the functions of the organs

– Morphological: Repair of appearance and size

b) Repair of cell and organ fatigue

c) Repair of cell non functionality

d) Non-cell organic repair: Such as removal of blockage in the coronary arteries

e) Software correction

Wishing you Divine Grace Mohammad Ali Taheri

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