Lack of knowledge, understanding, and perception of the Dipolar world as approached by Halqeh

Lack of knowledge, understanding, and perception of the Dipolar world as approached by Halqeh mysticism


One of human’s major worldview problems is the absence of understanding, knowledge and perception of the Dipolar world.

This means that humankind has not discovered the essence and purpose of the Dipolar world (world of dual opposites or contrasts), and even those who are aware, disregard it in practice.

The basis of the Dipolar world wherein human being has been placed is two poles (opposites) or conflicts. God created the two positive and negative networks and placed human beings in a position to choose between the two networks.

He placed the dual tendencies toward the two opposite networks inside humans so that they willingly select one and move toward it (Taheri, 2011b) then, virtuousness or virtue-less-ness was inspirited to him (human being). (Quran; Sura Shams, Verse 8.)

This is a key test to develop experience and maturity; otherwise, no transcendent experience would be ever brought to the universe.

But human beings forget where they are and why this world has been created so full of conflicts. A world that runs with corruption, oppression, injustice and the like on one side, and truth, justice, sacrifice, devotion and the like on the other. Some people think that there has been a mistake in the plan of Creation and that God is unaware or indifferent to human’s oppression and corruption on Earth. Whereas, due to the angels dominance on the dimension of time (Taheri, 2011b), from the very beginning of creation even the angels knew about future events and human behavior.

Almost all people -when faced with oppression and injustice- instantly complain to God about why oppression and injustice exists. They sometimes cry angrily, ‘Where is God?’ when they find oppression, injustice, poverty, starvation and the like. They say, ‘Don’t You see how the world is suffering oppression and injustice?’ After this complaint some say, ‘I don’t believe in this God anymore.’

They forget that the designer and creator of good and evil is God himself, and that if He did not want evil on Earth, He would have created a world without any oppression and corruption. If so, this world would have been only for angels and the art of human beings in overcoming evil would have never been manifested in the universe.

If we question -as an objection- why the pharaoh and others like him were even created, or ask why oppression exists, then we are ignoring one important matter; the creation of dual opposites or the Dipolar world. And that we stand in the middle of its two opposite poles to experience the divine against the evil through a great test; and to ultimately find the path toward Kamal with our own choice and move from darkness toward light, and hence reveal our special capability in the universe. However, if there were no opposites and no selection and if we were in a Unipolar world (with only one pole) (Taheri, 2011b), we would have escaped this test. In that case the question would not exist and the plan of human’s creation would not lead to any purpose.

In fact, oppression and injustice and the like are the essentials and inseparable factors of the Dipolar world, and through achieving its awareness and perceptions, humankind must deter from them and never be willing to oppress others or the universe (Taheri, 2010b). We can choose to stand up to oppression or accompany it.

Therefore, the law of opposites governs the material universe, and human being is placed at the heart of these dual opposites and is not apart from it. He must define his position within it and find his duty and fulfill it instead of objecting the law itself and asking why bipolarity exists. We have to consider these points and also know that not perceiving the bipolarity that governs human life and objecting its existence, itself intensifies the conflict between human beings and God.

Besides not solving any problems it also creates more confusion and anxiety. In addition, bringing up such questions and objections waste the individual’s mental energy and cause nervousness, anxiety and the like, and has no other results other than diseases.

The human being has not started his life on Earth to object to the creation of dipolarity. He has been created to gain control over its dual opposites and in so doing, exhibit his existential capabilities to the universe. The very capabilities of which God -with His knowledge- responded to the angels’ objection to the creation of I know something that you all do not know.

-Quran; Sura Baqare, Verse 30 Incorrect worldview and mentosomatic “Worldview” understanding of himself, the environment and all the events occurring around him. Everything that the human being comprehends from life experiences and events is passed through the world-viewing software framework called the “World-viewing Filter” which is the general result of mental and psychical (Taheri, 2010a) processing, and unconsciously defines his reactions to events. This framework is a filter and sub-schedule located at the semi-self-conscious level (Taheri, 2010b).

Microorganisms, contamination, old age, accidents, environmental pollution and poisons, malnutrition, absence of body movement, opposite and two-faced behaviors or psychosomatic diseases (Taheri, 2010a), congenital diseases and defects are not alone the causes of diseases. In addition, ‘incorrect worldview’ is one of the causes of human diseases called “mentosomatic diseases” [mental (mind) and soma (body)] or “worldview-rooted diseases” (Taheri, 2010b). And can be extremely dangerous to human health and even lead to somatic illnesses. One of these incorrect worldview is the lack of knowledge, understanding and perception of the Dipolar world. In order to prevent such diseases we have to alter our worldview by becoming equipped with correct ones.


More than three decades have passed since Mohammad Ali Taheri introduced the concept of Halqeh Mysticism (Erfan-e Halqeh) or Interuniversal Mysticism, including the two fields of complementary and alternative medicines of Faradarmani and Psymentology in Iran. This doctrine that is based on pure witness-like revelations, stemming from direct insight, aims to help man achieve Kamal (spiritual completeness; the collection of awareness that is transferable to the next life). Halqeh mysticism consists of two aspects: theoretical and practical (Taheri, 2009). The theoretical part necessitates discussion, study, descriptions, reasoning, and contemplation to clarify where it intends to take the human being.

The practical aspect is made possible through establishing a form of link or connection (Ettesal) between human (as constituent-consciousness), and the “Interuniversal Consciousness” or “Interuniversal Internet” (as the whole consciousness) (Taheri, 2011a).

Establishing such connection can accomplish affairs and bring about results that man is not capable of attaining singlehandedly and through his own abilities.

Correcting the individual’s world-viewing filter on the Dipolar world and treating its relevant Mentosomatic illnesses are a few of such feats which are indeed the subject of Halqeh mysticism.

Since Halqeh mysticism embraces all human beings, everybody regardless of their race, nationality, religion and personal beliefs can accept its theoretical part and experience and make use of the practical

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