Hundreds support Iranian mystic facing death sentence

Hundreds support Iranian mystic facing death sentence

Taheri was nearly done with his prison sentence when the court changed the charge to one that carries the death penalty

A man who taught mysticism in Iran faces the death penalty after already serving almost four years in prison, in a case that has sparked outrage among hundreds of supporters

Mohammad Ali Taheri, founder of a popular spiritual group called “Erfan-e Halgheh,” or “mysticism circle,” has been kept in solitary confinement in Tehran’s notorious Evin prison since May, 2011. Taheri, who taught popular spirituality and meditation classes, was originally given a 5-year sentence for “insulting Islamic sanctities,” an offense that does not carry the death penalty as it does not involve the deliberate insulting of the Prophet Mohammad

But with just a year left in his sentence, authorities have changed the charges to “corruption on Earth,” which can potentially lead to a death sentence, according to his family. Yesterday, Taheri’s wife, daughter and brother attended a court hearing, when they were told to come back after the Iranian New Year,celebrated March 21, family members told

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