Report on drug rehabilitation with Faradarmani

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Selection and peer-review under responsibility of Prof. Dr. Huseyin Uzunboylu & Dr. Mukaddes Demirok, Near East University, Cyprus doi: 10.1016/j.sbspro.2013.06.682 WCPCG 2012 Report on drug rehabilitation with Faradarmani Mohammad Ali Taheri a , Fatemeh Ashrafi-Amineh a , Sara Saie Joeghan a , Nima Yeghaneh a * a No.113-3 Melana Apartment, Jln Pendidkan1, Taman Universiti, Skudai 81300 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia


Faradarmani, an Iranian complementary and alternative medicine, is based on “Consciousness Bond” or “Constituents Having Consciousness in Common”.According to this theory, every time a link is established between ‘Whole’ consciousness and consciousness of [body] parts, consciousness of the mind will be able to correct and self-repair the psyche and body, thus healing and recovery will take place. Faradarmani can alter the functional program of the cells and body by accessing their softwarebased programs. This report studies the effect of Faradarmani on the symptom rehabilitation of 11 drug addicts. The study is based on the self-reports of drug addict patients who voluntarily undertook Faradarmani treatment. The group included 18.2% female and 81.8 % male, ages 20-51, high school to PhD education. Addiction types included opiate, cigarettes, LSD, crack and heroin. According to the results, Faradarmani can be used besides conventional medicine for drug rehabilitation or relative decrease in symptoms. © ۲۰۱۲ Published by Elsevier Ltd. Selection and peer review under the responsibility of Prof. Dr.Hüseyin Uzunboylu Keywords: Faradarmani, Complementary and alternative medicine, addiction, social behavioral disorders, Theory of Consciousness Bond, Interuniversal Consciousness, Psymentology, Halqeh;

۱٫ Introduction

۱٫۱٫ Definition of Faradarmani The organization of the National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) has classified C.A.M. into five categories. Faradarmani falls under the fourth category of Mind-Body Intervention and the subcategory of Mental treatment. As a qualitative method of treatment, Faradarmani recognizes the essence of man and takes action to improve the condition of the patient without any kind of intervention in the quantitative process of treatment (classic conventional medicine) or any hardware manipulation. By hardware we mean the treatments applied physically such as pharmaceutical, invasive & surgical, physiotherapy, massage therapy, or any other similar method in which utensils and devices are to be implemented.

۱٫۲٫ The Theory of “Consciousness Bond” or “Constituents Having Consciousness in Common

Faradarmani is based on the theory of “Consciousness Bond” or “Constituents Having Consciousness In Common“. According to this theory, when a link is established between the whole consciousness and consciousness of the constituents ; the whole consciousness -via the consciousness of the Mind- is capable of correcting, repairing and curing the consciousness of constituents including the Mind (Zehn), Psyche and body, thus healing and recovery take place. In other words, the consciousness distribution management center of the mind will be equipped and this center will be in contact with all parts, thus all constituents will be scanned and corrected. Consciousness of constituents consists of consciousness of the infinite numbers of human’s constituents. The whole consciousness is the awareness or consciousness governing the universe, thus the whole consciousness is a collection that constituents, on their own, are not capable of benefiting. Once a connection is made between the whole consciousness and the consciousness of the constituents, “The Consciousness Bond” will be formed.

۱٫۳٫ Process of Treatment in Faradarmani; Establishing Ettesal, Scanning Stage, Externalization, and Treatment

In this type of therapy, the patient becomes connected (Ettesal) to the Interuniversal Consciousness via the Faratherapist. The meaning of “Ettesal” (connection) is establishing a form of connection or link to the Interuniversal Consciousness. Since Ettesal is a concept originating from mysticism, it happens merely by Fara-therapist’s “brief attention” or glance (Nazar). There is no precise definition for “Ettesal” (indescribable) as it takes place in a realm free of tools and we can only study the effects of Ettesal -which are indeed the subject of Faradarmani- and not the nature of Ettesal itself. During Ettesal, the consciousness distribution management centre of the patient’s Mind will be equipped and this centre will be in contact with all parts [of the patient’s body]; based on the nature of this Ettesal some information is conveyed and the defective and distressed parts of the body are revealed in the form of seeing colours, lights, the feeling of movement and activity of some kind of energy throughout the body, or by feeling heat, pain, sharp aches, pulsation, twitching or convulsions and so on. In this way the patient goes through the Scanning process; in other words the Interuniversal Consciousness begins to investigate and scan the individual’s countless constituents. Scanning is followed by a phase called “Externalization” that happens in accordance with certain graphs. (“Human From Another Outlook,” M.A. Taheri) The term “Externalization” refers to a process in which the symptoms of diseases and problems (history of the illnesses) are revealed and the patient’s record of illnesses is activated. The history of illnesses might even go back to the embryo or childhood stages. It may include the currently apparent diseases, current undetected illnesses, hidden fears, emotional stresses and obstacles, mental disorders, and so on. These files could be related to any of the existential elements of the patient such as body, psyche, mind and so on. For a deep-rooted treatment to take place, the patient must allow the externalization and its manifestations to be completed with patience. Following Externalization, the signs and tensions of the ailment disappear and recovery starts.

۱٫۴٫ Faradarmani Theories about Repair Ability and Correction Ability of Cells

One of the important theories in Faradarmani is the “repair ability and correction ability of different constituents of human existence”. According to this theory, every constituent of human existence has repair-ability, and this important phenomenon is accomplished in Faradarmani through certain general ways as categorized below:

۱٫۴٫A. Repair and Correction of Cells and Organs

۱٫۴٫A.1. Histological: Sometimes repair occurs only at the histological level, for instance, repair of bone tissues in fractures, cartilage repair in arthritis, repair of muscle tissues, and similar cases. Although medical studies have shown that repair is possible in some of the body tissues, according to conventional medicine, repair is impossible in cases such as brain-spinal cord tissues, necrotic tissues, and the like. However, experiences gained through Faradarmani show that repair can occur in all such cases.

۱٫۴٫A.2. Functional Repair and Correction: (a) Function of the organ: Cases where organ dysfunction occurs without any abnormality in tissue or cellular level, such as heart dysfunction. (b) Function of Cells: Cases where the cell is dysfunctional and consecutively further problems emerge, such as over-activity in different kinds of cancer, Mohammad Ali Taheri et al. / Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences 84 ( 2013 ) 959 – ۹۶۴ ۹۶۱ and under-activity in organ atrophy. With Faradarmani organ function can be corrected and cell function can be restored to its natural state.

۱٫۴٫A.3. Morphological Repair: In some cases the size and appearance of the damaged organ are repaired. For instance, return of liver or heart to their normal condition in patients who have enlarged liver or heart. 1.4.B. Data Stored Inside a Cell: Experiments have shown that the above mentioned histological, functional and morphological repairs have been made possible through Faradarmani by accessing data stored in cells. According to a theory in Faradarmani, there are seven different levels of data in any given cell, and by accessing and activating each level; the cell will be able to attain some level of repair and correction. These levels of data include:

۱٫۴٫B.1. Level one (Information relating to cell): This level includes all the fundamental data about the cell, and considers a cell as isolated. At this level there are three categories of data; • First category is a cell’s functional program that includes all the activities and programs that a cell needs for its survival. Faradarmani uses this level of data for correcting the cell’s functional program and determining the cell’s behaviour in relation to the body. For instance, in cases where exposure to external factors such as carcinogens, harmful radiations and so on, have interfered with the cell’s functional description and has caused over-activity (in cancer) or under-activity (in atrophy), Faradarmani once more restores the normal description of the cell function. • Second category is the data related to cell’s auto error-finding function. In Faradarmani, through the Scanning process the cell reveals its problems and then the process of repair and correction of the cell’s function will follow. • Third category is a cell’s recovery program used for necessary repairs when the cell has been subject to multiple damages. This theory that has been practically experimented, explains how repair and correction is possible through accessing and activating the necessary data within a cell; such as repair of brain and necrotic tissues.

۱٫۴٫B.2. Level two (Information relating to the organ that the cell belongs to): This level includes all the data related to the organ that the cell belongs to. For instance; a liver cell holds data about the liver as an organ and also about all the other liver cells. Through Faradarmani the disordered cell which has become a threat to the organ, is reset so that it will be once again in harmony with the general program of its respective organ. Such as in cases when the cell is affected by metastasis or consciousness copying.

۱٫۴٫B.3. Level three (Information relating to the body that the cell belongs to): This level includes the data of the whole body that the cell belongs to. If the necessary condition for the cell’s growth and division becomes available, each cell is capable of generating the whole organism which it belongs to, as it has the complete data about the whole body. For example, it is possible to create a human from one human cell. The world of science has also reached the conclusion that the data of one trillion cells are enclosed within one cell and it has advanced to this stage which makes it possible for a cell to divide/multiply into a complete living creature. In fact, we have reached a stage that we are able to provide such an environment for a cell to grow and multiply. Subsequently, it enables the cell to access above mentioned programs and in turn the cell creates an environment for the program to become activated. Thus, cell division/proliferation takes place and a living body comes into existence [cloning experience].

۱٫۴٫B.4. Level four (Information relating to the human species and previous generations (genes)): This level includes the data related to the history of human being development; in its particular sense and human’s defined characteristics as a “thinker” and a “self-conscious” being. This is in fact the several thousand years’ history of human being and what is generally called genes. Gene conveys all the information and background of the previous generations, from the beginning to the present, either positive or negative, to the future generations. Conventional medicine considers the genetic or inherited diseases as incurable in most cases. In Faradarmani and according to the achieved experiences it is possible to overcome the genetic diseases through penetrating data that relates to the previous generations (i.e. gene). Thus, the fact that a disease is genetically based, does not negatively affect the cure. In Faradarmani this theory is defined as “Theory of denying the role of gene, as a barrier to curability”.

۱٫۴٫B.5. Level five (Information relating to all species including human, plant & animal): This level of data is related to commonality between human being, animal and plant. This means that a [human] cell also has the data about animal and plant within. Referring to some experiences of Indian ascetics helps the understanding of this phenomenon; some Indian ascetics are able to grow plants and even trees on their bodies. Several years of meditation and concentration on their bodies have enabled them to access this level of cell data. In fact, their body cells germinate and start growing plants. Faradarmani, through accessing the common data of the species, can be used on human beings, animals and plants and positive results can be achieved. From a theoretical perspective, similar to organ repair that is possible for some living creatures even if the whole organ is lost; for example when a 962 Mohammad Ali Taheri et al. / Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences 84 ( 2013 ) 959 – ۹۶۴ tail is cut off, if we penetrate and access the fifth level of data of a human cell with Faradarmani, [information on] recreation of the body organs can be achieved and the organ can be repaired and recreated.

۱٫۴٫B.6. Level six (Information relating to the common life of all species or the embryonic stage of life): This level of data relates to the period when only “alive” being or beings existed and no distinction was possible between humans, animals and plants. This stage is considered as the “zygote of life” which later on finished its embryonic stage and from that; human beings, animals and plants branched off.

۱٫۴٫B.7. Level seven (Information relating to the beginning of life): This level relates to the creation of life and the first “zygote of life” [on earth]. In other words, from the Faradarmani point of view, the data that is enclosed within a cell includes the information of creation of life on earth, the Neanderthal experience and the data about all living beings, such as salamanders and alligator and all others. In other words, the information and experiences of all the creation and life is enclosed within a cell and a single cell has all the information and experiences that exist on earth about life. This means that a cell has the information on all species of animals and plants, as well as manner of life, thinking and all the software, in itself. Therefore, there is commonality of life among humans, animals, and plants. Moreover, if access to different levels of an atom’s data becomes possible, information of the whole material existence can be accessed. Now, the world of science is gradually getting closer to these theories.

۱٫۴٫C. Repair of Cell and Organ Fatigue: In some cases cells get exhausted and therefore malfunction. Experiences gained in Faradarmani show that it is capable of eliminating the exhaustion from cells, organs and body and cause them to retain more energy. There are several cases in which elderly people suffering from years of chronic weakness and fatigue have been cured through Faradarmani with increased feelings of strength and vitality.

۱٫۴٫D. Repair of Cell Non-functionality: One of the important coefficients in cellular function is the Cellular Potential Decline (drop) Coefficient indicating the rate in which a cell is approaching non-functionality. Experiences in Faradarmani have demonstrated that cells approaching toward non-functionality have been once again activated and in some cases it has also been observed that a non-functional cell has been re-activated. For instance repair in necrotic tissues or activation of the pancreatic cells in Diabetes type one and two.

۱٫۴٫E. Non-cell Organic Repair: In this type of repair which is independent of cell repair, factors other than cells are causing problems for body organs. For instance repair of an obstruction in coronary vessels caused by accumulation of fat molecules or stones such as oxalate, urea, phosphates and drug related stones in kidney, gallbladder and urinary bladder is independent of cell repair. Via Faradarmani these trouble making molecules are exposed to consciousness field and the molecules change their behaviour. This means the behaviour of these molecules becomes a function of the consciousness field and thus the necessary actions are taken toward elimination of obstacle. As a result necessary changes happen to their molecular structures and the fault is repaired. (Such procedures happening under influence of consciousness field are determined by the intelligence governing the field). For example in some cases the disturbing molecules leave each other and process of decomposition takes place; as in the case of Coronary vessel obstruction, the fat molecules fall apart, the blockage gets resolved and the vessels become opened. Or the kidney or bladder stones get dissolved and disappear. The same applies to fatty or bony or other types of protrusions which all get decomposed and resolved under the influence of the consciousness field. In Faradarmani, treatments which take place in this way are based on such theory and comply with its rules.

۱٫۴٫F. Software Correction: In Faradarmani one of the important factors which influence the correction and repair of different body parts including Software-based part is the “Consciousness Field”. The software-based programs of human existence have capability of being corrected/repaired in the vicinity of a “consciousness field”. This happens by reaching a level of consciousness which is in synchronization with the new “consciousness field”. An example is the application of consciousness field in correcting sleep patterns and rehabilitating drug addictions (Theory of “Consciousness Field” and “Consciousness Immunity” in Faradarmani, PSYSOC 2012). Also considering that some conventional treatments are not able to pass and break through the main software-based programs in human’s subconscious; consequently treatment happens only up to the level before the subconscious. In Faradarmani is possible to correct the programs of the subconscious.

Note: According to Faradarmani, the individuals’ habits are generally derived from software-based principles rooted in their Foundation. Principles such as; achieving results in the shortest time, tendency to spend minimum energy (for example inventing wheels led to spending less energy), tendency to absorb the simplest energy (for example when our body system recognizes an easy to get energy, it has no longer a tendency towards a more complicated form of energy. Another example is getting used to elevators instead of using steps), tendency to Mohammad Ali Taheri et al. / Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences 84 ( 2013 ) 959 – ۹۶۴ ۹۶۳ pleasure, tendency to avoid suffering, insatiability, and so on. These principles act as stimuli or motivations that keep human dynamic. However, a software-based management is needed to prevent these tendencies from becoming habits or causing addiction. Mismanagement can generate defective data cycles which constantly work on us similar to computer viruses. According to Faradarmani, software-based correction can be achieved by establishing a connection to the Interuniversal Consciousness. This article studies the effect of Faradarmani on drug addicts. The rehabilitation that happens through Faradarmani is in fact the result of: – Repair and correction of different data levels of a cell – Correction of the individual’s existential software

۲٫ Method: Volunteered drug addicts undertook Faradarmani sessions every night and 2-3 times a day. Faradarmani was administered by a trained practitioner (Fara-therapist). During a Faradarmani session the patient is asked to close their eyes for five to twenty minutes and manage to dispel the distracting thoughts, and merely observe, impartially, the feelings and experience encountered during the therapy. The patients were required to do this procedure at least 2-3 times a day. Afterwards the details of their treatment and subsequent outcome and feelings were discussed once a week with the Fara-therapist. The study is based on self-reports of 11 patients with drug addiction and their reports on drug rehabilitation or relative reduction of symptoms. Criteria for recovery are patient’s self-reports on rehabilitation or relative reduction of symptoms including the individual’s daily portion and frequency of drug consumption, level of rehabilitation’s post-complications such as pain, shiver, and mood disorder.

۳٫ Results: Among the 11 drug addicts who underwent Faradarmani treatment 18 % were female and 82 % male. The several types of addictions which were rehabilitated or had relative improvement include: 2 cases of opiate, 6 tobacco, 1 LSD, 1 crack and 1 heroin. The most utilized drug was cigarettes and the consumption level of other drugs was almost equal. The patients’ age level ranged from 20 to 51 years (3 people were 20-30 years old, 3 were 31-40, 4 were 41-50 and 1 was above 50). There education level included (1 elementary school, 1 guidance school, 1 high school, 5 dipoma, 2 bachelors degree, 1 Phd). The various effects of Faradarmani on the studied drug addicts included: A. full drug rehabilitation (8 people), B. relative drug rehabilitation (2 people), C. broadening of the individual’s worldview on life (5 people), D. higher spirituality (3 people), E. feeling of peace and tranquility (1 people) , F. increase in patient’s tolerance (1 people) , G. others (3 people).

۴٫ Conclusions: The results show that Faradarmani can be effective in drug rehabilitation and can be used besides conventional treatments. The rehabilitated patients varied in age and education which implies “the independence of Faradarmani’s effectiveness from age and education of the patient”. Fara-therapists were from different age and level of expertise in medicine (psychology, psychiatry, medicine) that shows “the independence of Faradarmani’s effectiveness from the Fara-therapist’s age and level of expertise”. The variation in addiction types rehabilitated with Faradarmani show that “Faradarmani’s impact is on a level that is higher and beyond the characteristics of a particular substance”. This is due to Faradarmani’s software-based approach in repairing and correcting the different levels of cell’s data. The overall results show that Faradarmani can be regarded as a multidimensional treatment that can influence various levels of the patient’s health such as physical, psycheal, mental and spiritual health, and treat disorders such as addiction from different aspects such as genes, biology and psychology, through accessing the data stored within the cell. Distinctive advantages of Faradarmani are that it is a simple treatment requiring no special place or time. It does not interfere with conventional medical treatments and can in fact proceed concomitantly with conventional medication and treatments. The most prominent advantage Faradarmani offers is that the diagnosis and treatment processes are error free; as only a great intelligence (Interuniversal Consciousness) has the crucial role of searching and scanning the patient, diagnosing the defected elements and treating them. Hence there will be no side effects. 964 Mohammad Ali Taheri et al. / Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences 84 ( 2013 ) 959 – ۹۶۴ For the same reason the treatment does not rely on the skill or experience of the practitioner and the same results are obtained when being performed by any practitioner. Due to Faradarmani’s high potential as a C.A.M that comes with no side effects, and improves the quality of life and well being, we suggest a multi-central research to be carried out in order to achieve more precise statistics on the effectiveness and degree of permanence of this treatment method in treating social disorders such as addiction. Also considering the need and tendency of physicians for using various complementary methods, the introduction of an effective Iranian medicine to the global scientific society seems necessary. In summary, as no complementary medication is prescribed in Faradarmani and learning this method is easily possible through short courses, and considering that Faradarmani has no interference with conventional medical treatments and is affordable and practical, once its effectiveness is established, it could prove beneficial and cost-effective in cases where the patient must burden the costs of controlling or getting treatment for his condition.

۵٫ Limitation: Lack of having a control group in this study did not allow controlled quasi-experimental tests to be carried out, especially for the reason that the current research was retrospective. References The World Health Organization (WHO), NCCAM research center under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and National institute of Health, U.S.A Taheri, M.A.,(2010) Human from Another Outlook, 9th Edition, Bijan publication Taheri, M.A.,(2010) Journal of Medical Sciences (Danesh-e Pezeshki), Specialized Faradarmani Edition, 4th year, Vol.4-No.1- supplement Taheri, M.A.(2010) Human Worldview, Tohfeh Publication Taheri, M.A.(2011) Faradarmani, Create space Taheri, M.A.,(2011) Effect of Faradarmani on Anxiety Level, Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, Volume 30, Pages 2538–۲۵۴۱ Larijani R, Sadeghian E, Riahi V, (2011) Study of Faradarmani Therapy on Depression Level, Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, Volume 30, Pages 2546-2549 Riahi V, Larijani R, Taheri M.A., (2011) Study of Faradarmani Therapy on Schizophernia (A case study) , Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, Volume 30, Pages 2542-2545

*Corresponding author name: Mohammad Ali Taheri, +6-017-702-0474 E-mail Available online at © ۲۰۱۳ The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ltd. Open access under CC BY-NC-ND license. Selection and peer-review under responsibility of Prof. Dr. Huseyin Uzunboylu & Dr. Mukaddes Demirok, Near East University, Cyprus 960 Mohammad Ali Taheri et al. / Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences 84 ( 2013 ) 959 – ۹۶۴

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