Members of IOPHR meet MEPs to demand release of Dr Taheri and stop human rights violations in Iran

Members of IOPHR meet MEPs to demand release of Dr Taheri and stop human rights violations in Iran

taheri-clam2IOPHR – Members of International organization to preserve human rights in Iran, yesterday met with the members of European Parliament to protest human rights violations in Iran, and ask for the MEPs to demand that Iran stops the suppression and percussions of its Citizens. They also asked the MEPs to ask the Iranian authorities to stop the illegal execution of Dr Mohammad Taheri. The MEPs were also asked to sign the following petition:

We request that the Iranian president Mr. Hassan Rouhani, the head of Iranian judiciary Mr. Sadeq Larijani and other responsible officials in Islamic Republic of Iran, to urgently pay special attention, to Dr. Mohammad Ali Taheri’s legal appeal against his unjustified and illegal death sentence in the Iranian Supreme Court.

Presently, it has been over 64 days that Mr. Taheri is on hunger strike and his current situation is very critical.

The international community are observing with a deep sense of increasing concern the process of oppression and the violation of the Iranian Citizen’s Human Rights, especially against the religious and ethnic groups as well as the prisoners of consciousness. These human rights violations deprive the Iranians from their fundamental human rights, such as difference in beliefs and ideas from those propagated by the governmental ideology through oppression of Iranians’ freedom and suppression of their basic human rights by issuing long term custodial sentences and even executions in many cases.

We also demand that the members of the United Nations Human Rights Council to seriously take note of the increasing number of executions in Iran and reflect these executions and other human right violations in their regular reports and help to preserve the Iranian citizen’s rights and prevent them from being sacrificed for the political and commercial reasons.


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